Civil Litigation

We understand that no business wants to be involved in a prolonged legal conflict which can end up costing many thousands of dollars with no assurance of the outcome.

Our goal is to mitigate the impact that any legal conflict will have on your business and the way to ensure this is to build a strategy from the onset of a legal conflict.

Many times this will include obtaining a mechanics lien or another type of lien against a potential litigant.

If your dispute is unable to be resolved using the diplomatic process, we will consult you as such and proceed with the litigation phase of your dispute.

Are you facing a civil lawsuit? Civil litigation is complex, and it can have a huge impact on your livelihood and business. When you are facing a civil matter, it’s essential that you work with an experienced civil litigation lawyer you can trust.

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What is Civil Law?

Civil law, is the branch of law that deals with legal disputes between parties outside of the criminal justice system. In this kind of case, one party – the plaintiff – makes a claim of wrongdoing by the defendant.

Usually, the plaintiff seeks monetary compensation, called damages, from the defendant. The plaintiff might also be seeking specific performance, that is, for the defendant to take action to honor a contractual duty to the plaintiff.

Civil cases relevant to small businesses include:

Premises liability – when accidents occur because property is not maintained properly.

Product liability – harm arising from an engineering issue or design defect in a product.

Contract disputes – when contractors or other parties fail to meet their legal obligations.

Libel and slander – false reports intended to defame, when they cause specific injury.

Why Civil Law Requires Experienced, Aggressive Representation

Small- and mid-sized companies are often tempting legal targets for opportunistic individuals and business rivals. By acting in bad faith, wrongdoers can abuse the law to make it difficult or impossible for you to continue ordinary business operations.

Smaller companies can even be targeted by national or multinational market leaders. In such proceedings, the purpose is nothing less than to drive you out of business. To fight against these underhanded tactics, it is in your best interest to seek representation right away.

Your opponent in court might be an individual or might be an organization with a large legal team. Whatever the case, you need civil litigation attorneys on your side who have a proven record of taking cases to court and prevailing in front of a judge and jury.

Anything less could lead to incalculable losses for your business.

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The Law Firm of Driskell, Fitz-Gerald & Ray Can Help in Your Civil Case

Civil law is a specialty at our firm – we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in damages across a wide range of situations. We focus on protecting the rights of business owners and defending them from claims at all levels.

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